Why You Should Know about Indonesian Diaspora?

The beauty of Indonesia


Through Tourism we are easier to introduce Indonesia to the outside world and the closest is Australia and Asia. Bali is already known to the world, one of our programs is to introduce tourism beyond the island of Bali intensively with the help of all Diaspora people who come from their respective regions.
It will be easier to bring friends or tourists to our respective regions, so that we can directly promote and get to know each other’s tourism areas directly.


Students and Workers can share experiences to advance Indonesia by means of comparative studies, brainstorming on social media, so that they know each other and visit each other which can eventually foster ideas and ideas that are brilliant in their respective fields

Arts, Sports, Culinary

Arts, sports, culinary is one of the glue that can unite all of us who are domiciled outside Indonesia. Carrying out activities of Arts, Sports and culinary activities will further strengthen the sense of brotherhood and togetherness.


Bringing together the brotherhood where among us complement each other’s shortcomings, help our brothers who are deprived and those who are affected by the disaster, open wide doors to get to know one another for a better, tolerant and peaceful Indonesia.

Business / Economy

IDN WA will work with all IDNs in Australia and employers in Indonesia so that we can produce new entrepreneurs and jobs.

We need your Help and Idea

Get involved for better Indonesia